DIRO Innovation Factory

Our Incubator platform takes care of every stage in a new startup. And here is the best part, DIRO's Innovation Factory is not just confined to building Mobile Application or a Software. We scaffold each stepping stones in the process of transforming your idea to a product ,later build a market and subsequently build a brand.

A consortium that drives a ‘factory conveyor belt’ (the process). Our platform consistently transforms progressive ideas into differentiated products and services through every step.



Problem Extraction

Collaborate with partners, business and their customers to identify the 'real' problem statements to solve ( Idea Co-creation )

Idea Generation

Pick the right problem to solve and identify a suitable idea that will disrupt today’s ways of working. Spot ideas that will shape tomorrow’s connected world!

Value Analysis

Analyse viability (sell-ability) , target customer value, value for organization (ROI), High level requirements, technical feasibility study, Business Case development

MVP / Build / Pilot

•Develop Minimum Viable Product (MVP), prove the idea in principle
•Identify pilot market / users
•Build idea and execute pilot; collect feedback and enhance (agile/ iterative)

Spin off & Expand

  • •Early stage self-funded expansion
    •Investor identification & on-boarding
    •Optional: Angel investment / VC funding

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